Boston's Neighborhood Restricted Liquor Licenses: Where They Went

Last week, I shared with you where the 10 new unrestricted liquor licenses went as a result of the amended Economic Development Bill originally passed in August 2014, which allowed the City of Boston to issue 75 new liquor licenses over the next 3 years (starting in 2014, 25 each year).

This week, we're taking a look at where all the restricted neighborhood alcohol licenses have gone since the new legislation passed in 2014. As a reminder, these licenses are limited to 7 neighborhoods: Dorchester, East Boston, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Mission Hill, Roxbury and Main Streets Districts as designated by the Boston Redevelopment Authority ("BRA"). To date, all 40 restricted licenses have been issued, which means the last 20 available under this particular legislation (and the last 5 unrestricted licenses) won't be available until September 1, 2016.  

In August of 2015, we mapped out the location of the first 20 licenses issued under the legislation. Not surprisingly, Dorchester and Main Streets businesses snagged most of them, with East Boston trailing in third.  As of August 2015, no applications had been received for Mission Hill or Mattapan.  Disappointingly, this remains true for Mattapan. However, 2 businesses in Mission Hill have since joined the growing list of Boston businesses now able to serve your favorite cocktail, craft beer or glass of wine.  

In similar fashion to the first round of licenses, Dorchester and the Main Streets Districts have continued to benefit from the creation of the new, restricted licenses. Check out the map and corresponding lists below for a neighborhood breakdown of the newest licensees. 

Click HERE for a map of Neighborhood Restricted Licenses issued in the 2014 & 2015 cycles.

Dorchester (14 total)

All-Alcohol (9):  Boston Bowl, Pho Le Restaurant, Sweetlife Cafe & Bakery, Homestead Bakery & Cafe, K O'Brien's Kitchen & Tavern, Lower Mills Tavern, Levi's Restaurant & Lounge, & Sam Maverick's, & Will E. Reed Auditorium (General On-Premise All-Alcohol)

Beer & Wine (3):  Bred, Bon Appetit Restaurant, & Pho So 1 Boston

Beer, Wine & Cordials (2): Sea Breeze Mexican Grill & Dot 2 DotCafe

Main Streets Districts (9 total)

Chinatown: Townsman, Jaho Coffee & Wine Bar, & Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant

Roslindale: Derna's

South End: Estragon & Seiyo Sushi

Allston/Brighton: The Puritan & @ Union (Beer & Wine)

West Roxbury: Porter Cafe

Roxbury (5 total)  

All-Alcohol (3):  Suya Joint, Dona Habana

Beer & Wine (3): Dudley Dough, Tasty Burger, & Dudley Cafe & Convenience

East Boston (4 total) 

All-Alcohol: Maverick Marketplace & Cunard Tavern

Beer, Wine & Cordials: East Boston Kitchen & Oliveira's Steak House

Jamaica Plain (4) 

All-Alcohol: Tres Gatos, Grassfed, Brassica Kitchen + Cafe, & The Frogmore

Mission Hill (2)

All-Alcohol: The Penguin & 1508 Tremont St (d/b/a TBA)

Hyde Park (2)

All-Alcohol: Antonio's Bacaro & Ricon Caribeno Restaurant

Mattapan (0)