It's That Time of Year Again: Renewal Season Is Upon Us

Calling all restaurant, bar, hotel, tavern, pub, club and package store owners:

By now, you should have received your 2018 renewal package from your local licensing authority (LLA) regarding your alcohol beverages license(s).  Packets must be fully completed pursuant to Massachusetts G.L. Ch. 138 § 16A by Thursday November 30, 2017 at 5:00PM. Outside of Boston, this deadline may be earlier, so be sure to read your paperwork carefully for all applicable deadlines.

I always recommend that my clients get a head start on this process; the sooner you file, the better, and your LLA will thank you for it. To avoid any issues or missing documentation to your package, don't wait until the last minute!

For those of you located in the initial pilot towns for e-licensing, please note that this year, all renewals will be done the old fashioned way: back to paper applications. 

Lastly, it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE for Boston Licensees that this year, the Licensing Board for the City of Boston and the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing (MOCAL) will only be accepting up to date Building Inspection Certificates from the Inspectional Services Department (ISD); no proof of payment will be accepted as in years' past.

Good luck, and cheers to a prosperous 2018.




The Clock Is Ticking For That Alcohol License Renewal Deadline

Calling all restaurant, bar, hotel, tavern, pub & club owners.... you have approximately T-minus 7  days to get those renewal forms in to your local licensing authorities!  

If you are planning to keep your alcohol license active through the New Year, make sure to satisfy all renewal process requirements pursuant to Massachusetts G.L. Ch. 138 § 16A no later than Monday, November 30, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.  You should have received a renewal package from your local licensing authority a few weeks ago, detailing the step by step process for renewals.  If your business is located outside of Boston, be sure to check the deadline for renewal submission, as some licensing authorities require earlier submissions (e.g., the Town of Watertown's deadline is TODAY).  Failure to submit the required renewal forms and supporting documentation will result in 1) the expiration of your license as soon as the ball drops in Times Square at midnight (i.e., not a good way to start off 2016), and 2) having to start from scratch and apply for a new license.  I'm all into New Year's resolutions and getting things off to a fresh start, but this is not the kind of clean slate I have in mind for my clients. 

Want to beat the renewal rush? Get there no later than Wednesday to avoid lines and delays, as well as provide yourself a cushion should the Board require further documentation not already included in your submission.